Sergio Trippini

In 1980 he began collecting engravings about Italian lakes and in 1988 decided to devote himself to their trade, extending his sphere of interests and knowledge. The treated subjects are Italian views in the shape of single prints or books. The field of decorative graphic is not neglected and also the sector of  old cartoghaphy, the new section of celestial and terrestrial globes and armillary spheres is very important.

He is greatly qualified in gouache coloured engravings, ACQUATINTA, and the real gouaches.  Among the great specializations there are prints about mountains, as we can see in the past catalogues.
He publishes catalogues and attends prestigious and sectorial fairs.

He purchases single prints, collections, books and entire libraries.

The web site offers the vision of  many engravings to amateurs and collectors in order to promote confrontations, examinations and to stimulate new interests.

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